- individually & easy!

Automatic initialization: Up to 12 automatic programs with 4 start times each can be saved. For each timer one or more preferred weekday/s can be sheduled.
Manual initialization: With pressing [Start] in the main menue the program runs sequentially - and in dependency of the chosen irrigation time - through the selected operation. In the ”settings” menue one of the 12 programs can be selected.
Manual area control “Area-timer”: In the manual mode, each zone can be turned on or off directly and independent via the display. If no program is running, the default area is active for the selected time.
Special programs are available for impulse irrigation exact to the second. Flexible pause settings between the zones for fountain recovery, pump lead time etc.

Of course additional equipment like lighting, fountains, stream course pumps etc. can also be controlled. The animated graphic landscape pictures on SD card can be easily edited with nearly every photo editor. Actual irrigated zones are flashing, which gives an excellent overview about the current operation.


- everything under control!

With an optional external flow indicator the device can stop immediately in case of too much (flooding) or too little waterflow (e.g. pump halt, pressure drop..), which gives an excellent operating safety. For additional safety an optional limitation of the maximum assessable areas and relais is provided. The data logger and plausibility check allows to review the journalized records, which makes it easy to understand even difficult operations after the event.

It´s understood that the device can be locked by password against unauthorized access or changes.


- handling by touch display or smartphone!

Remote control via PC/MAC, iPhone or Android-smartphones without additional app. Easy remote control, data retrieval and programming with a PC, iPhone or Android phone via internet, LAN/Wi-Fi. For direct input and adjustment the Irrigation Control is equiped with a modern touch display.


- not only for the environment!

The saisonal adjustment (manual or with external sensor) allows to adjust the control exact to the actual conditions. It works like a main regulator, which effects all irrigation durations. With settings from 0 to 100% it changes the timing of all areas accordingly. That safes water, power & money! Automatic switch between standard time/daylight saving time.

The graphic and tabular information about water consumption subject to area gives an excellent overview about the actual and expectable consumption.