- the Ne Plus Ultra In Irrigation

Irrigation control for privat garden care, professional gardening, landscape maintenance and for sprinkling sports areas and golf courses. Industrial: against dust formation and for biogas plants control.

Modern touch display

- easy-to-operate!

The big and clear resistive color screen with modern touch control works also with gloves. Easy to clean and comfortable to use.

Remote control

- comfortable and flexible!

Remote control by LAN and with an optional router via WI-FI with iPhone oder Android smartphone.


- always in the picture!

The spacious area symbols are user-friendly and display plain information about the current irrigation state. The easy-view status bar gives detailed information about date, time, operating mode etc. An additional individualized animated graphic landscape picture is possible. The landscape pictures on SD card can be easily edited with nearly any photo editor. Actual irrigated zones are flashing, which gives an excellent overview about the current operation.

All inclusive

- just get started!

The basic configuration already contains 14 relais-outputs for magnetic valves plus 2 relais for special functions (main valve & alarm-output). It is expandable up to 80 relais with blocks of 16 relais each - without any programming or configuring ("plug & play"). All components together in one solide industrial enclosure, no additional power supply required. Just connect the valves - done!